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European Curriculum Vitae Format -NC



curriculum vitae

Personal Information



Law Firm/Phone/VAT no.


Viale della Pineta di Ostia, 14, 00121, Rome – Tel.: 0696031259;

Mobile +393397339433 Mobile +393664305952

VAT no.: 13211991008


PEC (certified email address):










Nationality and date of birth


Italian, 21 May 1976


Résumé Lawyer, specialized in Civil Law (Family and Succession, Welfare, Internet and Social Media Policy, Privacy and Contracts and Negotiation) and Aviation Law (Flight Safety and Just Culture, Passenger Rights – Reservation and Ticketing, Iata Affairs, National, International & Community Regulations, Civil Pilot Psychophysical Fitness to Fly, Global Distribution Systems for Aviation, Drones - Remotely Piloted Systems, Flight Licences - technical, legal and regulatory analysis, fitness requirements and certifications). Court-appointed expert at the Court of Rome in the following sectors: Aviation, Piloting and Air Navigation. Member of the Transport and Navigation Commission and Art Law Commission at the Rome Bar Association. I cooperate in the Legality Education Project for Primary and Secondary School (CNF-MIUR- Rome). Member of the World Bird Strike Committee.

Previously, I have worked for 17 years for the Alitalia Flag Carrier (Alitalia Lai and Alitalia Cai: 1997/2014) as an Iata official and delegate with missions also abroad, and I held the position of Department Manager of the "Legal Analysis" of: "Centro Studi Stasa" (Aviation Advanced Systems - Safety and Environment)


Work experience



September 1997- October 2014

Employed at Alitalia Lai and Alitalia Cai Spa as (in a nutshell):

-         Officer, contract coordinator, project manager, internal and reporting communication manager, assistant to the Vice-President of the Distribution Department (mainly "Sales and Distribution"), Commercial Area, also as Legal Advisor, Iata Representative and delegate for foreign missions

-         Contracts Coordinator and Legal Advisor for the "Distribution" and "Gds Efficiency" sectors (Global Distributions Systems, travel agent channel) as well as for the novation contracts of the "Distribution" sector (Alitalia Lai – Alitalia Cai Spa handover)

-         Iata Delegate at Conferences ("Passenger Air Tariff – Geneva"; "Passenger Service - Geneva and Toronto"; "Passenger Agency Service – Geneva and Toronto") and Working Groups ("BPIAG- London"; "Euroforum- Geneva"; "Iata Simplyfing the Business, 100% E-ticketing -Rome"; "Iata Virtual Mpd WG -Rome"; "Expo 2015"- Rome)

-         "Linkage" Project Coordinator (migration of airline technology systems from the native system -Arco- to Amadeus)

-         Alitalia representative in missions abroad dedicated to the "Gds Efficiency" sector for the following countries: Egypt, Syria and Tunisia

-         Selected among the best young graduates of ALITALIA Lai Spa for "Business Game" training project

-         Analyst for Reservations, Ticketing, Revenue Integrity, Customer Care, VIP Passengers, Groups and Scheduling


November 2014 – current position

Lawyer registered with the Rome Bar Association

Registration, 13.11.2014 - no incompatibility of the practice of law due to employment as an employee (until 31 October 2014, pursuant to the Law on Legal Profession 247/2012, art. 18, d), qualification obtained in December 2007 (at the Court of Appeal of Rome)

17 January 2024

Registration as a Court-appointed expert at the National List of Court appointed experts (Ministry of Justice)

subjects: Aviation, Piloting and Air Navigation.

09 February 2023

Registration as a Court-appointed expert at the Court of Rome

subjects: Aviation, Piloting and Air Navigation.


October 2020 – current position

Member of the "Transport and Navigation Commission", Rome Bar Association

June 2023 - current position

Member of the "Art Law Commission", Rome Bar Association

November 2022- present

Volunteer member for the Rome Bar Association for the CNF-MIUR Project: Legality Education Projects Commission (CNF/MI Memorandum of Intent of 22 July 2020 Convention on the Rights of the Child of 1989)- Primary and Secondary School

October 2023- present

Member of the World Bird Strike Committee.

October 2020- June 2023

Member of the "Commission Structure of Deontological Studies", Rome Bar Association

June 2019 – March 2023

ISOC Member, Internet Society- Italy Chapter

May 2020- June 2022

Coordinator and Head of the Department "Legal Analysis" and "Task force Just Culture", Centro Studi Stasa, Italy

May 2020- June 2022

Member of the Scientific Council and Departments: "Aviation" and "Human Factors", Centro Studi Stasa, Italy





Education and training




December 2007 (2006/2007 session: written and oral exam)

Qualification to practise as a lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Rome. Registration with the Bar Association on 13.11.2014 for no more incompatibility of the practice of law due to employment (employment: 1997-2014, Law on Legal Profession 247/2012, art. 18(d) - passing the exam in Rome at the first attempt

·        I qualified as a lawyer while working at Alitalia Lai Spa. When I was hired at Alitalia Cai Spa (January 2009), I had already graduated in Law.


Years 2004- 2006

Forensic experience, Rome jurisdiction

·        I practised law while working at Alitalia Lai Spa


December 2003 (17.12.2003)

Master's Degree in Law at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome

·        Degree thesis at the Institute of Legal Medicine and Insurance, Prof. Arbarello, "La Sapienza" University, Rome: "The Civilian Pilot's Judgement of Psycho-Physical Fitness to Fly": I proposed a personal addition to the "Shell Model" (from "Shell Model" to "ShellF" model, where "F" stands for "Fitness to Fly", i.e. psycho-physical fitness to fly). Score 103/110.

·        I completed my university studies and discussed my thesis while working at Alitalia Lai Spa


July 1995

High School Diploma: "Scientific High School, Language specialization", Scientific High School "F. Enriques", Rome


·        Scientific High School Diploma, Language Specialization

·        Score: 60/60

·        I was honoured at the Local Education Authority of Roma for the Italian written test

·        I was honoured and received a recognition from the Mayor of Rome, Francesco Rutelli, as one of the best graduates of the city of Rome in 1995.


Publications, writings, lecture notes, conferences, lectures































·        "Passenger protection in aviation: a look at the European framework and its application": Speaker, Rome Bar Association, Commission for Navigation and Transport, 06.11.2019

·        "Drones in the Light of the New European Legislation" , Speaker, Rome Bar Association, Commission for Navigation and Transport in collaboration with Centro Studi Stasa, 17.02.2021

·        "Copyright in the use of social networks and reflections on privacy": Lecturer, lecture for Isoc, Internet Society, 24.04.2021

·        "Emergency management on board - EU OPS": Lecturer, lesson for PCTO Project, School Year 2020-2021, State Aeronautical Technical Institute "Francesco De Pinedo", Rome and Italian Swimming Federation Lazio Regional Committee, 19.05.2021

·        Author: "Pandemic fatigue. That is, Covid-19 fatigue, as a new aspect of pilot fatigue in the assessment of psycho-physical fitness to fly. A mindful approach" in "Emergency management at the time of COVID-19", The ANACNA Notebooks, Year 2021 - Vol. 3, under the patronage of Enac, Various Authors (ANACNA Notebooks" ANACNA)

·        "Safety Culture Course for Surveyors and Technical Consultants – Air, Rail and Maritime Transport" by Centro Studi Stasa with CIFI and Deeo BLUE, Lecturer, lecture held on 04.03.2022 (Digital Learning mode)

(topic: "Office activity and party-appointed expert of surveyor/advisers: regulatory framework, legal and ethical aspects, privacy")

·        Author: "The Liability of the Travel Agent" in "The Actions of Liability" - Treatise, Vol. 2, Ch. 29, Publisher NEU, 2022

·        Note to judgement: "Liability for passenger injury upon boarding the aircraft", Court of Civitavecchia 18 January 2021:https://www.fog.it/pdnt/pdnt-NC.htm

·        Legal commentary on "The new ENAC regulation for drones" (2020): https://fog.it/pdnt/pdnt-032.htm

·        Note to judgement: Judgement No. 3741 of 11.11.2020 – Court of Catania: "Carrier's Liability and Passenger's Underlying Rights Following Delay or Cancellation of Operational Flight Due to Aircraft Collision with Birds", Rome jurisdiction, Rome Bar Association, 16.12.2022

·        "Continuing Legal Education (CLE) CERTIFICATE": CiviLAW seminar - EU Law – Family Law, by the European Lawyers Foundation in collaboration with CNF (CIVILAW Project – TRAINING OF LAWYERS ON EU INSTRUMENTS ON INSOLVENCY LAW AND FAMILY LAW), 13 March 2023 at Consiglio Nazionale Forense (National Lawyers' Council), Rome: selected to participate (call for 30 places)

·        I'm writing a technical essay about the usage in Aviation of the "High Speed Tape" for a specialized magazine




Italian (mother tongue)














Very good















Very good



Sejong-1 (Certificate obtained - June 2023)

Sejong- 2 (Certificate Obtained- January 2024)

SEJONG- 3 (in Progress)



(written text comprehension only)



-         Diploma "English Language Course: Advanced" at Marian College, Dublin, 29.07.1994

-         Trinity College (Dublin) Diploma in "Spoken English for speakers of other languages: grade Nine with merit" (July 1994)

-         Diploma "Course of Study in English, grade Advanced" at the International School of English-Ministry of Education, Malta (02-20 September 1996 - winner of national scholarship for the best university students in the academic year 1995-1996)

-         Achievement for Korean - Sejong1 de: 증- Certificate of Course Completion: 초급 - 1A, King Sejong Institute. Korean Cultural Centre, Italy (19.06.2023)

-         Achievement for Korean – Sejong2 de: 증- Certificate of Course Completion: 초급 – 1B, King Sejong Institute. Korean Cultural Centre, Italy (11.01.2024)





Artistic skills




Writing (poems published in Italy, ongoing literary/fiction composition, blogging, podcasts)



Other Skills






Extra-curricular activities




Online presence

Informatics: Microsoft Office package; Business Object and DWH; Arco System; Amadeus ProWeb, Galileo by Travelport, My Sabre; Tridion R5; Access, Mac/Safari/Cortana Suite, PCT (Telematic Civil Process suite) and Telematic Justice

European Courses: "Council of Europe HELP Programme: - "Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals": "Fight Against Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia and Transphobia" (7 hours), 19 June 2023; - "Data Protection and Privacy Rights" (12 hours), July 2023


"Action Aid" and "Assema" supporter - distance adoption

EALA member (European Air Law Association)



·        Linkedin account: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/nicoletta-ceci/11/431/a90/it

·        Facebook page editor: https://www.facebook.com/avvocatonicolettaceci

·        Instagram: @nicolettarimbaud

·        Word Press: "Outfit of rights. All about law and mindfulness"






I authorise the processing of my personal data in the résumé pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 "Personal Data Protection Code" and the GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679)